Legislators passed a tax that 78% of Nevadans said no to. Don't believe the lie!

The other major lie being told by my opponent is that we went to Carson City and passed a tax bill that 78% of Nevadans had voted against in 2014. 

Again, ridiculous and easily disprovable.

The background on this claim-

Question 3 on the 2014 ballot was a petition supported by the NSEA (teacher’s union), and opposed by every major business organization.


Margins Tax- 2014 Question 3 Commerce Tax- 2015 passed
  • 2.0% of gross revenue
  • Threshold: $ 1million (applied to all revenue if they have hit the threshold)
  • No accountability
  • Taxes collected go to General Fund
  • No Exemptions
  • Est. to raise $800 million per year
  • Rate: average effective rate is 0.06%
  • Threshold: $4 million with all revenue under the threshold exempt
  • Accountability through accompanying legislation
  • Directly tied to categorical spending and protected from collective bargaining.
  • Exemptions: 50% credit applied against MBT and for sub-contractors and business to business transaction to avoid “pyramiding”.
  • Est. to raise $65 million per year


The Republican-led legislature did choose to make investments for Nevada’s future. But, instead of just dropping money into the general fund or into a black hole of the education establishment, we chose to devote funds to targeted programs in which school districts are subject to strict accountability measures and must demonstrate results to receive more funding.

We also went through an exhaustive process of evaluating where, and how efficiently, our tax dollars were being spent. And we implemented reforms to many areas that will save Nevadans money over time.

I am proud of what we accomplished in the 2015 Legislature – real reforms to education and the economy that will benefit Nevadans for generations – and I’m sick of the despicable lies, distortions and personal attacks the opposition has engaged in.

Highlights of investments made for new programs or increased funding by the 2015 Legislature-

Education Initiatives– Education Savings Accounts* Opportunity Scholarships* Gifted and Talented Students (G.A.T.E.)* Read by grade 3* Special Education* Zoom Schools* Nevada Ready 21 Technology Grants* Career and Technical Education* Teacher hiring incentives* Teacher reimbursements for classroom supplies* Teacher Pipeline programs* Pre-K* Full-day Kindergarten* Charter Schools*

Other Major Initiatives– UNLV Medical School, UNLV Hotel College, Graduate Medical Programs, New Veterans Home, Veterans Hiring Programs, Mental Health Facilities, Work Force Development, Project NEON, Centennial Hills Interchange, Medicare Reimbursement Increases



Tax Lies

Tax Foundation State Rankings:  http://taxfoundation.org/article/2016-state-business-tax-climate-index


Associated Builders and Contractors, Nevada Chapter

“The intent of the commerce tax is to capture revenue from businesses that do business in Nevada but aren’t based in the state”.



NSHE 2015 Legislative Summary



RJ Article



RGJ Article

“In my four and a half years of economic development in Nevada, dealing with hundreds of companies looking to locate here, I have never heard “your taxes are too high” in fact, just the opposite. Many prospects have questioned the ability of the state, given the tax structure, to meet the infrastructure and workforce needs that are so important to business success.”



The American Conservative Union Legislator Rankings

Pages 4,8-9 show Legislators being attacked by Ira Hansen earned same score


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