Lies about Campus Carry

I wish I could spend my time telling you about what I support.  Please look at my links, read my page, and check your mailbox from time to time and you'll see that I'm working hard to do positive things for our state.  Many have questioned my commitment to the 2nd amendment specifically votes for or against campus carry.  Again, allow me to set the record straight and add that I am "A" rated by the NRA based on my votes in the Assembly.

AB148 was the original 2015 version of "Campus Carry". It was also often referred to as the "Amanda Collins" bill.  It stemmed from a horrible incident where she was attacked on campus and unable to protect herself because she was not allows to carry protection on campus.

AB148 would have allowed anyone with a concealed carry permit to carry their firearms onto any campus.  The bill when through 2 different committees.  It started in Judiciary and then through Government Affairs.  Here is a link to all the testimony and exhibits.   On April 6th, 2015 the bill was voted out of the assembly where I supported the bill 24-15-3

The bill languished in the Senate.  

During normal sessions we have deadlines we have to meet.  Each bill must clear one house and head to the next in order to "stay alive".  Senate Judiciary bills were being used as leverage by the Assembly Chairman to make sure his pet projects passed through the Senate house.  He would wait until the final deadline to process these bills.

During one of the deadline moments they attempt to squeeze AB148 into a Senate bill.  A move that would have surely killed the bill altogether.  SB240 was their vehicle of choice.  It had gone through the Senate and Assembly Judiciary committees and was now being taken hostage by the proponents of AB148.  May of us like the end of blue cards, handgun registrations, and speeding up a database process that allowed law abiding citizen to purchase guns quicker, and several other key 2nd amendment protections.  Many of us including Democrats and Republicans voted against the hijack of the bill because of the consequences of losing the progress of the original bill.  So I voted against the take over and voted for the bill SB240.

The next "Campus Carry" bill was introduced as an emergency bill late in session.  AB487 was clean language.  Had some last minute hearings in Judiciary and was passed out of the Assembly on May 29th 26-16 and I voted yes.

So there you have it.  I voted on "Campus Carry" twice.  Both times in its clean form, stand alone, not affecting any other bill.  I voted against the hijacking of SB240 for purpose of amendment but voted for that bill as well in its clean form.  

Here is the clean vote on SB240 - Bill related to improving 2nd amendment rights

Click here to see the votes on AB148 - Original Campus Carry

Click here to see the votes on AB487  - Second Version of Campus Carry 


Like it?  Love it?  Its simply the facts.





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