Assemblyman Andersons' Interim Committee Assignments

After the legislative session ends the work of the State does not.  Interim committee assignments are utilized to keep the discussions and decisions flowing in off-cycle years when legislators are not in session.

Committees that Assembly Paul Anderson has been appointed to are as follows:

Interim Finance Committee

The Interim Finance Committee functions within the Legislative Counsel Bureau between sessions and administers a contingency fund. The committee is composed of the members of the Senate Committee on Finance and the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means from the preceding session.

Priorities and Performance Based Budgeting Committee

Priorities and Performance Based Budgeting (PPBB) is the process of identifying and prioritizing the vision as it relates to the state’s core functions, their costs and delivering effective and efficient outcomes

Committee to Consult with the Director

This committee, appointed by the Legislative Commission, is responsible for working with the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) with regard to preparation for the next session of the Legislature and the management and organization of the LCB.

Educational Technology

To transform our industrial education model with modern tools, strategies, and learning resources to prepare our young learners for their futures. 

Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB)

ITAB members include legislators, representatives of large users of EITS services, information technology specialists from cities and counties, private sector representatives of the information technology industry, and members of the Executive Branch.

Technology Crime Advisory Board

Among the duties of the Board are:

  • Facilitating cooperation among state, local and federal officers in the detection, investigation and prosecution of technological crimes.
  • Establishment and oversight of two multi-agency task forces, one based in Reno and one based in Las Vegas.
  • Coordination and provision of training and education to prevent and detect technological crimes.
  • Assisting the Department of Information Technology to secure government information systems against intrusion.
  • Recommending changes to Nevada laws to respond to technological change and law enforcement requirements

 Southern Nevada Caucus Republican Chair

Southern Nevada Caucus Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Co-Chair



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