New Teacher Bonuses SB511

We want the best teachers to come to Nevada! SB511 funds Teach Nevada Scholarships and incentives. 

SB511 combats the teacher pipeline crisis by establishing a long-term strategy to recruit future teachers through a college and alternate route scholarship program. It also provides incentive pay for district plans to hire new teachers in our most at-risk schools. 

Intent of SB511: As our state faces starting a school year with over 1000 vacancies statewide, we need to do everything possible to incentivize new teachers to come to teach in Title I and/or underperforming schools in the state to ensure that students have the best teachers to facilitate student learning. Additionally, the scholarships will help build up a pipeline of new teachers from local students in the future. Hopefully, this bill can be a major part of the solution to the state’s teacher shortage, which is impairing our student’s current level of achievement. 

Find the bill text and final vote passage here:

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