Opportunity Scholarships - Expanding School Choice - AB165

Governor Sandoval signs AB165 into law, expanding school choice for families by enacting the Opportunity Scholarship Program, on April 13, 2015. 

What does the Opportunity Scholarship Program do? 

This program allows a student whose family makes a household income not more than 300 percent of the federal poverty level to apply for a scholarship, not to exceed $7,755, from an approved scholarship organization to allow the student to attend a school of their choice that has registered to participate. The program is funded by taxpayer donations allowing any taxpayer who is required to pay the Modified Business Tax to receive a credit against the tax otherwise due for any donation of money made to a scholarship organization. 

Read the Nevada Appeal Article on the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program here: 

Nevada Legislature: Gov. Brian Sandoval signs bill creating private school scholarships

Full bill history and final vote count can be found here: 


More information from the Nevada Succeeds organization on where Opportunity Scholarships are at now: 

Opportunity Scholarship (AB165)

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