Victory Schools - Resources for Students in Poverty - SB432

Funding for Education - Creation of Victory Schools Program is signed into law! (SB432). 

Governor Sandoval signs SB432, creating and funding the Victory Schools Program, into law on June 3, 2016. Funding for this program will be allocated by the Department of Education to underperforming schools in the 20 poorest zip codes in the state. It will be implemented in a similar fashion to the Zoom Schools Program. The Department will identify all schools throughout the state; schools will be managed by the local district under the conditions of a submitted plan and grant award. The pilot program will be evaluated by an external evaluator, and spending information will be used to modernize the Nevada Plan with “weights” in future years. 

You can read more about Victory Schools here:

Language for the bill and final vote count for SB432 can be found using this link:


Summary and Rationale: Victory Schools are the first portion of the additional funding for students in poverty in the state. The theory is that if we invest more for students in poverty, we will see better outcomes for them since they have greater needs. This bill allows for a lot of flexibility so each school can design a program meeting their needs to improve student achievement. Schools could pursue options similar to the Zoom Schools, but they can also spend funds on teacher recruitment and retention along with wraparound services to provide students with support outside the classroom so they can succeed at school.

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